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Lelde Cauka is a Latvian-born visual artist currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA.


Classically trained in fine arts since the age of 10, Lelde has received education from various art schools in Latvia, including the Art Academy of Latvia. She received her diploma in Environmental Design from the LCA Latvian Culture College in 2013.

Her work ranges from realistic still life and portrait paintings to exploration of color and shape in textiles. Her current work voices abstractionism and simplicity. It is deeply rooted in her Northern European upbringing while intertwining with the exposure of her intercultural surroundings living in Los Angeles.

Lelde's abstract paintings and tapestries are interactive pieces, purposefully avoiding photographic reflection of reality. They are inviting the viewer to research their subconsciousness through color, texture, and shape. 

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Her visual work encourages slowing down and diving deeper into our imagination and interpretation. In this day and age when things are consumed quickly on the outer surface. Lelde’s work proposes to explore and challenge our understanding of what we see and what we perceive to see.
When dissecting her artwork, it allows us to uncover layers of intricate, subtle details within the bold colors and shapes. Drawing parallels between the layered complexity and diversity of us as humans and individuals. The abstract approach creates a map for the viewer to eventually discover themselves through the artwork while finding a harmonious, nurturing place within themselves - a meditative state.